Sunday, July 27, 2008

within driving distance (but not much isn't)

Davenport, is so small you may miss it altogether if you blink at the wrong time while driving down scenic hwy 1 just north of Santa Cruz. (see still somewhat local, besides they have a locals discount night, and they count me in, so I will count them in.) The town was originally founded and named after Captain John Davenport who came here and opened a whaling company. Eventually from this bloomed an artisan community. Not entirely sure one had to do with the other, but non the less that is how Davenport came to be. And though the Roadhouse has been many things through the years it strives to remain true to the artisan community it is a part of.

In 2006 The Roadhouse at the Cash Store became the dream of its newest owners as a combination store, bar, cafe and restaurant as well as a place to showcase local artists work. Fitting as it at one time was a potters studio with apartments above for those learning the new craft. The newly renovated Roadhouse is charming. Even more so when you discover that it is a Green business. It is also privy to an amazing view of the Pacific Coastline, which doesn't hurt it's standing in my book. The history as well as the present desire to honor that which was while caring for that which is to come make the Roadhouse something special.

I wish that I could say I found the food as appealing as the atmosphere, but alas I cannot. I tasted the Fish and Chips, which I assumed would be fitting of a place named for a whaler, but found the fish to be quite tasteless. My dining partner said of his Fried Chicken Sandwich, "they're trying to hard". I think that sums it up. They have a nice size menu, and the dining room is relaxing, but the food seemed just for show and flavor an afterthought at best.

A spent some time pursuing their web page for you though, because I was sure you would have questions. I suggest you check it out. Because, though I left somewhat disappointed by the food I was encouraged by the history, the dream, the fact that they have entertainment, and that they have in fact received more positive reviews than my own. I was also struck by the simplistic beauty that the inn portion of the Roadhouse which I did not see while there in person. It seems that their good intentions may indeed pay out if you were to be a guest for the evening, and while the rates are not cheep, they are not outlandish either, especially for this area. I may have to go out and give it another chance to win me over.

On a side note, they had these lovely tables that are just like the one we had in my home as a child. I am sure my mom will be on the hunt for one now that I know they are around here somewhere, she (we all) always loved this table. Perfect for games, and cozy breakfasts before school. It also is super easy to expand, for those less intimate meals.

See told you it was a side note. Thanks for bearing with me. But I didn't want to forget.

I guess you ought to go check it out, and let me know what you think, as I am clearly undecided.

(Pics. by Brandon.)

All in all I give it a 6


Meg said...

Mmmmm... the Cash Store is one of my favorites! Tho I've never been there for lunch. Maybe we should do breakfast sometime there together?? I can promise that the breakfasts are OUT OF SIGHT yummy!

Heather & Matt said...

CRAZY... I was just checking in to see if you posted anything new on the "local girl" blog and low and behold you posted about the Cash Store. A- I love this place and B- we hadn't been there since the reopening and C-we went there LAST night for our 3rd Anniversary! Props on the good post friend!