Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Office

Lets be honest it is this logo that was going to keep me from ever setting foot in Coffee Cat. I mean the thought of a cat in a cup isn't exactly appetizing. Who wants to drink from that cup? I don't, but I do want to drink from a Coffee Cat Cup oh just about anytime. I don't know what it was that got me through the door, but I am oh so thankful that I set aside my snobbery and silly ideas about graphic designs.

Coffee Cat has become what I fondly refer to as "the office". Why? Because it is where I get a vast majority of my work done. I am so much more productive while sipping on a Cappuccino Royal than when I am in my real office. What is a Cappuccino Royal? I am so glad you asked. It is the nectar of the gods, yes it is that good. It is like a normal cappuccino, except that in a small there is three shots instead of the normal two. Simply a much stronger dose of my drug of choice (caffeine). If you are not afraid to live on the edge (may cause cancer) then I suggest that you order one and add two packets of sweet and low. You won't be sorry. Unless of course you get cancer, in which case I am so sorry and I did warn you.

Why else is Coffee Cat my home away from home? Because the barista's are amazing. They are. Not only do they know how to make a fantastic Royal, they can decorate the top with nifty designs in the foam. Besides the fancy coffee skills they all seem to be nice friendly people. They greet people warmly and if you are a regular they know what you want and sometimes have it for you before you can order. Joe the manager is fantastic at his job. He takes pride in what he does, making sure to live up to the owners high standards. The place is always clean, and the shelfs are kept just show. If you are into supporting local artists than that is just one more reason you should check out Coffee Cat, because the walls are always changing. Local artists display their masterpieces for you to enjoy whilst you sip your coffee.

Coffee Cat is not in Downtown Santa Cruz, you will find it in Scotts Valley next door to Safeway. But never fear, for those of you who don't find yourself up in the SV area often you will be pleased to know that LuLu Carpenters as well as the new LuLu's at the Octagon are owned by the same man and carry the same great coffee. They both have their own style, but you can be sure that the coffee will be excellent. For those of you who would rather sip on something less acidic don't you worry your pretty little selves because they also carry a wide variety of tea. My favorite tea is the Oolong Songbird. Odd name but tasty tea non the less.

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