Sunday, July 6, 2008


Locally owned Italian restaurant is got its name from Santa Cruz's Sister City in Italy, Sestri Levante. Pictured here below.

Not a bad place from the looks of it. Our own Sestri though not as appealing from first glance is a great find once you step inside. Located on Capitola Rd. it is in a somewhat inconspicuous building and local. I encourage you to make the effort to get beyond first glances and take a deeper look into the heart of Sestri. If you do I am sure you will be delighted as I was to find a warm inviting Italian dining experience.

Not only is Sestri Levante the sister to our beautiful it is also the home town of the owner John Mootz. This would explain the great art on the walls as well as the welcoming neighborhood place feel that they have managed to maintain.

Sestri may be named after our sister city but it is a sister business of Aldo's located by the Santa Cruz Harbor as well as Aldo's Italian Bakery found in Soquel Village. I have not yet had the chance to sample anything at the bakery, but Aldo's has been a family favorite for a long time. They have filling yummy breakfasts, with an amazing view of the boats coming and going into from the Monterey Bay.

Back to Sestri, the dinners that I have had there were all very enjoyable. Prepared just right, and just the right amount. (I have become increasingly annoyed at places that give you portions large enough for a family of 4.) I will say that my favorite part of dining at Sestri is there deserts. My favorite being their Affogatos the Nora-Nocello with Espresso over Gelato is simply to die for. I have in fact gone on many occasions just to partake in this blissful pleasure.

Go seek out this local link to Italy allowing yourself to be carried away to the Italian Riviera as you sample some fine seafood dish and one of the wines from their great collection of local and Italian wines. Enjoy!

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