Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Really at the Harbor

Though it is not really at the harbor, in fact you cannot even see the beach from this hole in the wall cafe, it still bears the name Harbor Cafe. You may have driven past it many times before as I had, without even noticing. At a first glance it is not a place that screams eat here, but once you get onto the patio you know you have entered a place guaranteed to leave you happily full.

I'll admit I have at this point only had the chance to dine here twice, but I had a great time and great food on both occasions so I figure it deserves some good press. From the looks of things on my last visit they are expanding their services to include bands, and light beach fare in the evenings along with cocktails on the patio. I am not sure on any of that, it is based on overheards and a bit of remodeling. What I can tell you is that it is available for private parties, and from the looks of things I think it might be a great spot for one, so if you are having one soon send me an evite.

But you want to know about the food, cause lets face it what's a restaurant review without some food chit chat? You won't be disappointed unless you hate hearty portions, great food with lots of flavor, and fantastic friendly service at great prices.

This is a picture of the food from my first visit to Harbor Cafe. Looks good right? Tastes better. Better yet, on Fridays they have Mimosa Friday, which means that on my day off I can order a mimosa and they just keep wandering by with pitchers of the the yummy blend of O.J. and Champagne.

I had the Eggs Benedict which is one of my favorites, and they did it proud. My friend had an omelet as you can clearly see and also was pleased with the offering. On my next visit I ventured out and tried the fritatta which was the best and largest I have ever had.

Harbor Cafe is as beachy as it sounds, and as local as it gets which in my book combined with the great food and friendly service makes it a great place to meet up with friends over a filling breakfast.

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