Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bunny's Shoes

Not to leave you boys out, but this one is really for the girls. If you have not checked out Bunny's Shoes in downtown Santa Cruz you are missing out. I am addicted to very few things in life but I cannot walk past the window of Bunny's with out longing to venture in to check out not only the amazing shoes within, but the sales. That's right girls not only are there great shoes but there is almost always fantastic deals on equally fantastic shoes.

I was not even addicted to shoes until I found this splendid candy shop of heals, flats, boots and more. Oh did I forget to mention there is more than shoes? Oops. Of course you cannot just have the shoes there's the bags, wallets and sunglasses. Just across the street you will find an equally addictive second part to the store, filled with fabulous clothing, and great little things to fill your home.

Its almost more than a girl can handle.

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