Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sitting atop Margaritaville in Capitola Village is Mr. Toots a local coffee shop that has been in this same beach side local for over 26 years. What is great about this place is the relaxed vacation like feel that you get going there. There is a tiny and I mean tiny outside patio that overlooks the beach, but inside there is lots of seating and even boardgames in case you actually came to a coffee shop to play instead of work. You will also find many local artists works on display as well as local musicians playing in the evenings.

The coffee not bad, not great either. I have heard that they have great tea, which they seem to have an abundance of. There are some tasty treats to be had if you are in the mood. And they will pour espresso over gelato when they actually have gelato. (sometimes they are out, which is sad.) All in all I would recommend Mr. Toots for a small gathering of friends. If you are local you may want to wait till summer has wound down as you can imagine or may know there are way too many tourists this time of year and parking can be tricky. They do have wireless for those of you who want to know, but this is not the most conducive place to study as the tables are all somewhat tipsy.

If you are not a coffee or tea person, I am not sure why you read this far, but there are plenty of other good places to explore in Capitola Village, which I am sure I will do in future blogs, but feel free to branch out on your own. Zelda's is a great place to start if you are unsure.

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