Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Must Read

Bookshop Santa Cruz is my favorite bookshop. It has that "Independent/local" vibe, but is not the small hole in the wall that only specializes in a certain type of book. I love the smell of the books when you walk in. The fact that they are local and have public restrooms is also a huge plus!

There staff is helpful and the selection is fantastic. You will also be pleased to find a great assortment of magazines, the normal ones and a few extras like "Found". There is also a fine variety of cards and gifty little things to tempt you as you browse.

If you are passing through you might bump into me near the travel books or the foodie books, as those are the places I frequent. If you are not in a rush you should snuggle up in one of their chairs and check out which books grab you most. Try them on for size if you will.

Be sure not to miss out on Chocolate a great little Parisian style cafe just outside the front door when you are on the Pacific Ave. side of the store. Their Chocolate Orgy is a great late night snack to share with a friend or two.

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