Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mentioned Earlier

If you have been following along than you may recall that in my blog about Book Shop Santa Cruz I mentioned in passing a little cafe nearby, Chocolate. I thought that I might be fair and give it its own space. As I stated in that previous post I tend to truly enjoy this little bohemian cafe. Though if you Google it you may find that not everyone shares my adoration. Their frustrations with Chocolate are not unjust, just unfortunate, and I must admit that there have in fact been times where I would have to share in there opinions.

There have been those who have been turned off by the
laissez-faire attitude of the wait staff. I would concur that at times I have received less than what I would maintain to be great service. I would however point those who complain about this back to the unarguable fact that this is in fact a bohemian style cafe, which would imply just such service (I suppose). There have been times when I have been the recipient great service, it really seems to depend on the day and the hour with this place. In which case I suggest that if timeliness and always seeing your waiter is important to you than just go somewhere else, there is limited seating anyway, and there is nothing I hate more than when I am trying to enjoy my leisurely indulgence in good food than to overhear people wining over the fact that it is taking to long. If you really want fast food, then there are places for that. This is not one of them. At the same time I have to be fair and say I really never wait long for the food, just the bill and who really wants to pay anyway?

I already told you of the Chocolate Orgy (it is as sinful as it sounds). Let me tempt you a bit more. It comes in three sizes I believe. May I suggest that if you are with anyone else you just go for it and get the large. When it comes you will find yourself presented with a 3 tiered plates of chocolate ecstasy. An assortment of truffles, cakes, gelato and even pie. It is a sample plater from Heaven.

If you are not in the mood for desert (umm not sure why) then I strongly urge you to go for the Pasta Rosettes with the artichoke creme sauce. Yummy. As is the Chicken Soup. I have heard tales of the Chicken Mole, which I have not yet sampled, but it is raved about.

After that scrumptious dinner or lunch you will likely not have room for much else and certainly not the Chocolate Orgy, but if you are now ready for a desert of perhaps less commitment level then try the Warm Chocolate Cup Cake which melts in your mouth or the Tiramisu.

More than just food this is an excellent place for people watching on Pacific Ave. Or for sitting down with a new book from Book Shop Santa Cruz. Go, Relax, and Indulge in Chocolate.

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