Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thanks for the Fries

Really thanks for the fries is about all we could say after our meal at Cafe Rio. We ended up there by accident, but it is not a mistake we will soon repeat. Walking in we were hopeful, it looked like we may have found a well kept secret right along the beach. Well, if it was a secret there is a reason, it's just not good, and it is way over priced. For a place that has an ocean front piece of property it can boast no ocean view, as all you can see from the large windows are cars and bugs a few live palm trees and one dead one. The interior looks like it has been forgotten, perhaps designed in the 70's and the patrons all looked to have been created long before that.

When you go to their website it claims that...
"When you step into CafĂ© Rio, you’ll instantly be swept up by waves of mouth-watering fragrances, wafting delightfully from the assortment of dishes we’re carrying out of the kitchen. Welcome to your new favorite restaurant, where we’ll be providing you with the freshest, most appetizing menu of delectable daily specials, to be found in all of Aptos. And best of all, our selection is guaranteed to fill your stomach without emptying your pockets!"

I can honestly say we were not met by waves of anything but regret. I ordered a Cesar Salad due to the menu offering nothing that sounded worth the price. The two girls I took with me decided that a cheese burger which was described as having yellow cheese was their safest option. My salad was nothing to write home about. The lettuce was fine, the chicken had no flavor and the dressing was overly peppery. The girls ordered their burgers medium and they cam burnt and crispy. I would have to give the Cafe Rio a 1.

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