Saturday, August 30, 2008

Local Girl on Vacation

While I am a Santa Cruz Local Girl now and at heart I used to reside in the Portland, Oregon area which is why I decided it was a good place for my much needed vacation. I was right, Portland is a great place to wander, explore and enjoy. To see a list of my Portland adventures with links check out my other blog. In this post I just want to focus on a few places that got my attention. When I get home I promise to go back to Santa Cruz spots.


The first meal back in Portland was had with two good friends at this average looking Pizza joint on 23rd. An excellent way to start off a week of good eats, we shared a
Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella, garlic, olive oil, fresh
basil. (Tomato sauce upon request, no charge.)
10.25 14.00 18.25 23.00
It was nothing less than delightful. We all left very satisfied and full. The crust is something you just cannot leave alone. Warm, airy and yet just crispy enough.

Le Happy

Worth the wait. We stood outside on 16th waiting for a table as the tiny Creperie was at capacity. We were promised by one of the girls I was with that we would not disappointed, I am glad to say she is not a liar. I had the Salad Crepe, but we shared so I also got to sample the Salmon Crepe and the Ham and Cheese. All of which were good. I am not sure that they are better than Sweet Pea Cafe, but they were quite enjoyable.


I actually went to two of these while in the Portland area and passed by quite a few more. A Portland establishment through and through, is one of those places I had always heard of but somehow never ended up during my college days. I had a Black and Tan Brownie at one and Fish and Chips at the second. All was good, but you don't really go to McMenamins for the food, you go for the Brew and for the entertainment/experience.

Voodoo Doughnut

Yep me and Anthony Bourdain now have something in common, we have both experianced what is Voodoo Dougnut.
They were fresh out of the Oreo Peanutbutter, and the Maple Bacon, so we got an Apple Fritter with Peanutbutter, Chocolate Chips and something else good on it. There was also a band playing in the parking lot to celebrate end of summer fritters or something.

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