Saturday, September 19, 2009

hesitant to share

I have been frequenting this brand new little cafe for weeks, but I have been hesitant to share it with you because it is so cute and so amazing that to be honest I did not want to over crowd it. I wanted to keep this to myself. But then I took my friend Heather with me yesterday and she too shared the simple pleasure and I realized I could not keep it to myself. I could not be responsible for robbing you of the joy that comes from just walking through the door of Cafe Delmarette.

You may have been walking right past this new jem with out even taking note because it is nestled right by the Del Mar Theater. (another place worth going)
Now when you walk by take note and wander in. You will not be disappointed, unless you hate yummy food and amazing coffee. My favorites so far are the BLT and the Cheddar Gorge. Though that is also all I have head so I am getting the feeling that it is all good.

You may have just thought, Trinity a BLT really? Who could screw up a BLT? You are right it is hard to mess them up but I would venture that it is equally hard to find one this mouth watering. They use fresh ingredients though so you better hurry up and get there before the tomato season is over. Sad day that will be.

They serve Verve coffee which I am coming to appreciate as the best coffee around to make Americanos with. So smooth and rich.

Then there are the lovely people who work there who take pride in what they do and make. You can just tell! Even their menu is cute and always changing with the new specials that I always long to sample. I have thus far resisted the tiny beautiful cupcakes because I can tell that once I have one I will long for more. Don't they just call out to you?

I did give in and try a fig and goat cheese scone which will either sound really good to you or really gross. I loved it the first time, it was sweet and bitter and crunchy and soft all at the same time. The second time I bought one I was not quite as in love with it, because the figs were a bit over powering. Now I want to move on to the cherry tomato and white cheddar one.

Okay enough said it is good. You should go so that by some fluke they go out of business because that my Santa Cruz friends would be an utter shame.

You might want to check out their facebook page and look at even more mouth watering goodness and become a fan!
I jacked all the pictures from their page in hopes that you will go eat lots of their food and drink their coffee. (so I don't think they will mind.)

Oh and I forgot to mention that it has a great history and is really cute. Oh just go check it out.

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